Unrelated site: IHateGoogle.com

I noticed another site one the domain ihategoogle.com (this blog is .org), and on it the owner discloses a letter sent from Google complaining about the use of their trademark Google for commercial purposes.

“Your registration and use of the Domain Name is clearly designed to appropriate the goodwill associated with the famous GOOGLE mark in violation of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act”

Frankly, I’m surprised I’ve never received any letters to that effect.

Of course, I use Adsense, and with the low revenues from this site, nobody could ever in good faith accuse this site of being for commercial purposes!

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  1. Google Greed:
    They treat their adwords clients like scum. they’re arrogant, heavy handed and the idea that you could EVER rely on them for an income when they can shut you down overnight is a JOKE!

    Long live BING!

    November 8th, 2010 | 9:53 am
  2. Google doesn’t send these letters. They’re too reliant on their public image of being the nice friendly guys for them to try this frankly unfriendly stuff. And there’s a relation to the very real and relevant issue of companies advertising on Google Search using competitor’s names that they’d have to deal with.

    There are these two old parodies of the Google homepage from Belgium, both in a local Belgian dialect, goegel.be (Antwerp city) and hoehel.be (West-Flemish), and both still up and redirecting queries. Clicking on my URL you will find a story of a similar complaint letter to the webmaster of the Antwerp one, concluding with a reply from the REAL Google, saying in a perhaps somewhat disenfranchised manner that whoever is sending emails like that, appearing to be from Google, is “abusing their name”.

    The URL of the website also makes me doubt that this was actually sent _at all_ but that’s probably a bit paranoid of me, given the precedent above, as the elephant in the room.

    I think we can justly say someone or some group or company, or multiple are out to erode their good name and image, trying to make them look like a big fat ruthlessly anti-competitive, untrusting & untrustable corporate _______. (Microsoft… Chinese government…?)

    December 4th, 2010 | 8:36 pm