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Sirovich’s WordPress Firewall Script Reviewed

I recently wrote a blurb about Jaimie Sirovich’s WordPress Firewall script. I’ve had a chance to review it and I must say that it is a real handy piece of work!

It caught five nearly simultaneous attacks last night.  Here is a screenshot of the email it sent me:

(Click to enlarge.)

The plugin is easy to use and the default configuration was perfect for me.

Way to go Jaimie!

How to Keep WordPress from Overwriting Your .htaccess Edits

Recently I was having problems with WordPress overwriting my .htaccess.  I wanted to do some URL rewriting, but WordPress kept erasing my changes.  I realized that WordPress reserves a portion of the .htaccess file for itself, and it is clearly marked as such.  As long as you don’t put your edits in that spot, they won’t be overwritten.

If only I’d read this article first, I wouldn’t have been scratching my head over this issue :)

When Does WordPress Overwrite .htaccess?

I’ve noticed that my modified .htaccess file has been overwritten by WordPress at least twice.  This has broken the archival routine of the bBlog version of

I did install a couple of plugins to WordPress.  I wonder if when they were installed, the .htaccess was overwritten?