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11 Chapters in One Week

Well, it’s the end of the fall semester and we have just run out of time in two of my finance classes (Intermediate Finance and Investment Management, same professor). Unfortunately for us, the professor intends to complete the syllabus regardless of the time remaining. Which means we have six chapters to learn for the final in one class and five in the other. Technically we’ve had two weeks to do this, but last week was Thanksgiving week and who buries themselves in homework when on vacation?

Well, I did. I’m about 70% done with the studying as of now. The first test is this Saturday and the second is on next Tuesday (a week from tomorrow). Actually, I do not need to make good grades on the finals in order to pull A’s in those classes. My average in the classes is high enough to where I only need about 49% or higher on the finals in order to make an A in each class. However, I am just not wired that way. Not only do I intend to try my best on those tests just for the sake of pride, but I actually want to learn the material. Who knows when the Black-Scholes theory of option pricing will come in handy? Who can say when I will need to calculate a stock’s beta with a financial calculator (not a trivial task for the mathematically challenged)?

To all other students out there, good luck with your studies!