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Online Editor of the Louisiana Law Review

I was recently made the Online Editor for volume 72 of the Louisiana Law Review. I was honored to accept the position, though I’m not sure how they figured out I knew about internet stuff. On a related note, the La. Law Rev. decided to accept my Comment, An Uncertain Prescription–Medical Malpractice Actions in Louisiana, for publication. It should be published sometime next year.

First Year of Law School in the Books!

My first year at LSU Law is in the history book.  My first semester GPA was 3.5, second semester was 3.756 and cumulative is 3.628.  Best grades: 2nd semester Legal Writing (4.0) and Constitutional Law I (4.0). Worst grades: Torts (3.1), Civil Procedure II (3.4) and Legal Traditions (3.4).  I was in the top 10% of my first semester class; but for the entire year, top 4%–ninth in my class of 229.

All-in-all, I had a great year.  I learned a lot of interesting stuff and worked my behind off.  Law school is to college as college is to kindergarten.  Be prepared to spend outrageous amounts of time reading, studying and writing.

LSU Here I Come

Yesterday I received a letter of acceptance from LSU’s Law School.  LSU was my first choice so that’s where I’m going to go.

I almost threw the letter away before reading it.  I have been receiving scads of junk mail from law schools ever since taking the LSAT.  I hadn’t looked closely at the envelope and put it in the junk mail pile.  My wife noticed it was from LSU and brought it to my attention.  “Oh they probably just want more information,” I said.  I had received a notice saying they do not make their admissions decisions until spring.  When I opened the letter, I was very surprised and happy to read “Congratulations…”