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Don’t Track Me, Google!

If you don’t like how Google keeps track of your searches and clicks, visit this site…

Unrelated site:

I noticed another site one the domain (this blog is .org), and on it the owner discloses a letter sent from Google complaining about the use of their trademark Google for commercial purposes.

“Your registration and use of the Domain Name is clearly designed to appropriate the goodwill associated with the famous GOOGLE mark in violation of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act”

Frankly, I’m surprised I’ve never received any letters to that effect.

Of course, I use Adsense, and with the low revenues from this site, nobody could ever in good faith accuse this site of being for commercial purposes!

Google Voice

I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming Google Voice service.  Apparently, you can get Google to set up a phone number for you and have it forward calls to multiple numbers based on the idenity of callers.  It will also be able to transcribe voicemails into text.  Sweet!

You can check out a video describing Google Voice


I received my invitation to join Google Voice and am very pleased with the service and features. It is innovations like this that keep Google ahead of the pack.

Obnoxious and Misleading Adsense Ads

I’ve been seeing some obnoxious Adsense ads here lately. Apparently, some company can guarantee a “Page 1 Ranking” for $49.95. No charge until you are on Page 1. Of course, I can guess that what is meant is that they will charge you $49.95 to set up an Adwords campaign where you bid until you have a page 1 ad.

Obnoxious Ad

However, this is not the same thing as a page 1 ranking. The word “ranking” indicates organic listings, not advertisement placement. I find this ad misleading, disgusting and obnoxious.

Luckily, no visitors to ever click on the Adsense ads, so the point is actually moot.

Googlehater Alert!

I was trolling today and came up with another Google hater. You have to check out

I have a few comments about this blog:

  1. I like the drawings. Is that Larry and Sergey or Beavis and Butt-Head behind Jerry Yang?
  2. He’s still got Ron Paul ads on the site. Now that’s persistence!
  3. The disclaimer is awesome!
  4. hates Google because the SERPs are full of spam and advertisements, not because they don’t have the ranking they deserve. That actually seems novel. seems to be searching for its online identity. You can check it out and post your comments as to what direction you think the site should take.