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Firefox is Garbage?

I never thought I would read anything that claimed Firefox is garbage.  NinjaPirate gives us a list of 6 reasons why we should uninstall it.

The first is his screenshot of Firefox using over 200 Megs of RAM.  That’s a lot.  Of course, currently mine is using less, about 92 Megs of RAM, which is still a lot, but less than NinjaPirate.

One reason he gives is that whenever he looks at (some particularly disgusting kind of) porn online in Firefox he feels guilty.  Is feeling guilty for looking at porn Firefox’s fault?  If you feel guilty doing it, that’s because you think it’s wrong and do it anyway.  That’s your own fault.

He’s right about the name though.  Firefox is a really, really dumb name.  I feel stupid every time I say I use Firefox.  Can’t we come up for a better name for it, like Opera or Lynx?  Oh wait…