May 17, 2008

What's a Synonym for Irony?

Go to and search for a synonym for "synonym". Then, search for a synonym for "irony".

March 19, 2008

The Microsoft Experience

So I finally broke down and bought a copy of Microsoft Office 2007. I've been using it in the computer labs at McNeese State University, and some of the functionality in Excel 2007 is required in my Quantitative Analysis for Business class.

That's all fine and dandy--I didn't mind spending the money. I'm sure I'm going to love all the bells and whistles Bill added to the Office suite. I've been a fan of MS Office for a long time and have used my 2002 version since its release.

One thing I didn't realize I would be upgrading was the packaging. I went to the store and noticed the slick new packaging Microsoft whipped up for Office and Vista.

Isn't it great how the packaging follows Microsoft's software tradition? It's almost impossible to open, has no documentation on how to operate it (open it), and their online info on how to open it has been taken down. The only way I was able to open it was to break it.

From a Microsoft employee blog:
The packaging has been completely revised and, we hope, foreshadows the great experience that awaits you once you open it.

Gosh, I hope not!
Designed to be user-friendly, the new packaging is a small, hard, plastic container that's designed to protect the software inside for life-long use. It provides a convenient and attractive place for you to permanently store both discs and documentation.

A standard DVD-style case would go a lot further. Also, the product life span of MS Office products is short. Life-long use? It will be unsupported in five years.

Reading the blog post comments (linked above) was very entertaining. The comments started with gushing over how attractive the design was, and devolved to unanimous rage at how impossible it is to open.

December 3, 2007

Why I Hate Google

OK, so I don't really hate Google. In fact, I LOVE Google. I use it every day, several times a day. I also like Google News and Google Maps. GMail is cool, and so is AdSense.

I named this blog "I Hate Google" to express my frustration with Google. Our favorite search engine makes SEOs pull their hair out. Search engine spamming used to be sooo easy. Now, Google makes us actually work to get rankings. Our websites have to be worth visiting now.

So, while I love Google, I also hate it. I never claimed to be sane.

November 29, 2007

Power Armor

I'm a big fan of science fiction novels. Here's a bit of science fiction that just became real.

Powered exoskeletons and power armor.

November 3, 2007

Brag on a sweet domain name

Well I picked up a nice little domain name this evening I just had to brag about... I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, though:

September 18, 2007

My Bad-Beat Heartbreak

My friends know that I am a Texas Hold'em fanatic. Among other games, every Tuesday night I play a tournament-style home game with my buddies. Usually from 16-20 of us, on two tables.

Well tonight, I experienced the ultimate bad-beat heartbreak -- the kind that pays off big in the casinos.

Pre-flop, the guy to the left of the big blind raised the bet to 4,000 chips. After him the next guy raised all in for approx 8,000 chips. He had a caller behind him. The next guy folded. I looked at my hand and had pocket Aces. I went all in for an additional 27,500 chips. The guy behind me thought for awhile and went all in for an additional 14,000 chips. I guess the pot odds were right for him or something because I laughed when I saw his hand.

Anyway, the next two guys folded and the first raiser called all in. The last guy also called (he was the only one not all in -- he had us all covered, barely).

So, we all flipped our cards over. The guy to my left had 9H, 10H (that's when I was wondering why he called). After him, they guy had KD, KC. Then, QS, QD. Finally, JS, JC. I had AD, AH. So, after we all went apeshit over the five all-ins with four consecutive pocket pairs, we got ready for the flop.

The flop was JH, QH, KH.

Holy snikeys! Percy, the guy with 9H, 10H flopped a straight flush! I was dead, because for me to get a straight flush, I needed the 10D, which he had. Everybody else flopped trips!

The turn was AC.

The river was AS.

bad beat

You would not believe the noise in that small room. What a bad beat! I ended up with quad Aces, beaten by a straight flush. The lowest hand out of the five of us was a full house: Jacks full of Aces.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say somebody stacked that deck. But I had cut it myself and the guy dealing just doesn't have the skills to shuffle like that.

So Percy, our straight flush, took all the money. What a night. Maybe I'll quit poker forever.


August 26, 2007

Stupid in America

John Stossel did a 20/20 special called Stupid in America (link goes to Google Video). If you have kids in public school, watch it, and pay attention to your child's education.

June 26, 2007

Get an MIT Education Free of Charge

Here's something interesting: you can take a lot of M.I.T. courses online for free -- for no college credit, of course.

May 16, 2007


I really hate the iGoogle page. It's ugly, it looks like a portal and the name sucks beyond belief.

Google, your clean look is good. Stick with it. Yahoo!'s look has always sucked... don't emulate it.

May 9, 2007

Brainwashing Webmasters: Google

There's a good thread over at started by a new member: Todays Webmaster & Their Relationship with Google
In many ways Google has acquired webmaster mindshare. How else to explain a post by a member who details his aggressive site promotion efforts then asks if it's ethical? Google literally has webmasters brainwashed into thinking that their guidelines defines ethics. When a webmaster as a matter of course refers to violating Google's guidelines as pertaining to ethics, what else can you do but call it what it is: a brainwash.