May 17, 2008

What's a Synonym for Irony?

Go to and search for a synonym for "synonym". Then, search for a synonym for "irony".

November 29, 2007

Power Armor

I'm a big fan of science fiction novels. Here's a bit of science fiction that just became real.

Powered exoskeletons and power armor.

September 18, 2007

My Bad-Beat Heartbreak

My friends know that I am a Texas Hold'em fanatic. Among other games, every Tuesday night I play a tournament-style home game with my buddies. Usually from 16-20 of us, on two tables.

Well tonight, I experienced the ultimate bad-beat heartbreak -- the kind that pays off big in the casinos.

Pre-flop, the guy to the left of the big blind raised the bet to 4,000 chips. After him the next guy raised all in for approx 8,000 chips. He had a caller behind him. The next guy folded. I looked at my hand and had pocket Aces. I went all in for an additional 27,500 chips. The guy behind me thought for awhile and went all in for an additional 14,000 chips. I guess the pot odds were right for him or something because I laughed when I saw his hand.

Anyway, the next two guys folded and the first raiser called all in. The last guy also called (he was the only one not all in -- he had us all covered, barely).

So, we all flipped our cards over. The guy to my left had 9H, 10H (that's when I was wondering why he called). After him, they guy had KD, KC. Then, QS, QD. Finally, JS, JC. I had AD, AH. So, after we all went apeshit over the five all-ins with four consecutive pocket pairs, we got ready for the flop.

The flop was JH, QH, KH.

Holy snikeys! Percy, the guy with 9H, 10H flopped a straight flush! I was dead, because for me to get a straight flush, I needed the 10D, which he had. Everybody else flopped trips!

The turn was AC.

The river was AS.

bad beat

You would not believe the noise in that small room. What a bad beat! I ended up with quad Aces, beaten by a straight flush. The lowest hand out of the five of us was a full house: Jacks full of Aces.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say somebody stacked that deck. But I had cut it myself and the guy dealing just doesn't have the skills to shuffle like that.

So Percy, our straight flush, took all the money. What a night. Maybe I'll quit poker forever.


July 18, 2007

Soldering 101

If you are into making your own electronics, you need to know how to solder. I found some excellent soldering instructional videos on NASA's website. Now you can make that handy homemade IPod charger you've always wanted!

May 17, 2007

Sugarrea Flash Game

Best Flash game ever, if you know Sugarrae.

May not be safe for work if you have your sound turned on, but is really only fun at full blast.

March 7, 2007

SEO Poker Tournament II

I'll be playing in QuadsZilla's SEO Poker Tournament (II) on March 24th. Prizes are mostly centered around receiving incoming links, with $5,000.00 in cash prizes thrown in to the runners up. Looks like a lot of fun... and I'll get to defend my title.

February 21, 2007

Use Google to Diagnose Your Illnesses

In case you live in a cave (I wonder how you are reading this?) and missed last Sunday's Dilbert comic strip, here's a link to how you should use Google to diagnose your illnesses. Anybody have an arc welder and a barrel of kerosene?

January 19, 2007

I knew it!

This video explains the true purpose of the internet... porn, of course (no nudity in the video).

December 18, 2006

I Guess I'm It Now.

I've been blog tagged by SEODisco and Jaimie Sirovich. Now I have to tell you five things about myself and then tag five more people for the SEO Blog Tag Tree. Here's the rules.

OK, things about me:

1) I used to be a punk rocker in the late 80's. Tattoos, liberty-spiked dyed hair, the works. That time in my life was a party out of control, with both good memories and bad memories and plenty of blanks in between. Now, I look more like Opie or Ritchie Cunningham than Sid Vicious but I still pogo from time to time.

2) I have a wife and two kids. My wife's name is Dawn and my kids are Parker (boy aged 6) and Bennett (boy aged 2).

3) I'm in love with Paula Dean. Comfort food rocks.

4) I hate doing SEO work. I actually farm out my whitehat work to Jim Boykin (tag, you're it, Jim). I'm really more of a tools programmer than anything else.

5) My best friend is Rob Cunningham, who is the singer of the band Igor Spectre. That's not a tag, just a not-well-known fact.

OK, some tags: QuadsZilla, stuntdubl, Jaimie Sirovich and, to keep the tradition alive, Matt Cutts

November 19, 2006

Pubcon Vegas 2006 Report

Well, as usual, Pubcon Vegas was a blast. I met a lot of new folks, hung out with old friends and played a bit of poker over at the Sahara.

This time I was a speaker. During my first presentation, I gave a demonstration of a Wordpress blog installation on a virtual host server with CPanel, including creation of the database, etc. I managed it in around 3 minutes. Then, I demonstrated installation of a simple Perl script and explained permission settings, the shebang line, and other geeky stuff. It was fun because I wasn't working off a Powerpoint presentation so I got to "wing it". The presentation was the first time I've spoken publicly in a professional setting and it went pretty well.

My second presentation was about search engine spider identification with a little at the end regarding the robots.txt standard and some possible extensions to it. This one was coupled with a Powerpoint (here's a link). I felt more nervous about this second presentation (although there were fewer people in the room and I'd spent more time practicing the speech).