June 16, 2006

Nothing To Do With Luck

"I'm Feeling Lucky" is Jim Boykin's tag line. His SEO firm, WeBuildPages, has built a reputation in the industry for running effective, honest optimization campaigns. Since I met Jim at the Orlando WebmasterWorld Pubcon a few years back, he's gotten pretty busy. I've noticed that he has been hiring a lot more "link ninjas" to grab backlinks.

As lucky as Jim feels, I believe his success has nothing, or very little, to do with luck -- and everything to do with follow-through, honesty, and efficacy. These three characteristics are increasingly rare in the SEO industry and should be treasured when found.

We make our own luck in business. I don't necessarily believe in karma, but "what goes around, comes around". Good luck, Jim... you deserve it, but may not really need it after all.

Posted 8 years, 6 months ago on June 16, 2006

Re: Nothing To Do With Luck
Thanks Dan!
Posted 8 years, 6 months ago by Jim • @ • • Reply
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