August 18, 2005

Linking Advice from the Master

I throw a lot of links Stuntdubl's way from this blog, but only because he writes such dad-gummed good content :)

Check out his Balancing the Link Equation post on his blog. It was adapted from his presentation at the WebmasterWorld Conference in New Orleans earlier this year. It is an excellent general linking strategies tutorial with a very clear outline of what to do in certain situations:
Examples of Link Equation Balancing:
(or If your site has... You should:)

  • 1000 IBL's from 500 unique IP's

  • ...consider buying a run of site text link with your targeted text
  • 70% reciprocal link...
    ...only get one-way links and slowly dispose of your reciprocal links

  • 10k IBL's from 10 unique IP's...
    ...get many more one-off links

  • 90% deeplinks to the homepage...
    ...compartmentalize your site and get more deep links

  • 80% identical anchor text...
    ...use synonymous terms and switch your anchor text

This post is really required reading if you are thinking about or currently working on a link building campaign. It nails all the basics and delves into relatively complex linking issues, such as "relative importance of theme", obtaining deep links, varying anchor text, etc.

About the only topic I would like to see discussed there is linking timelines, meaning the importance of maintaining a natural pattern of gaining new links. You don't want 10,000 new links all happening in the same week :)

Posted 9 years, 5 months ago on August 18, 2005

Re: Linking Advice from the Master
Dude i just smokes a huge fat one but SERIOUSLY AAAAGGGHHHHH how in the hell did we go from libraries where you can easily find relevant shit to GOOOOOOOOOGLE where its all about markjeting and planning and strategies and the like?? If I went into a library to look up something and twenty nay two hundred people came at me trying to seel me shit Id go home and put my head in the freezer. HASHHAHAHAHAHAHA thats funny i meant to say freezer not whatever i saiud.
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