July 6, 2005

Click Fraud Experiment

Marketing Experiments.com (free registration required) has published the results of an Adwords/Adsense click fraud experiment which shows that up to 30% of paid search engine traffic may be fraudulent.

Their experiment showed that a competitor clicking on your Adwords ads probably wouldn't be able to do much damage by clicking your ad over and over. These types of clicks are caught and you are not charged for them.

However, more sophisticated techniques are still causing a lot of damage. Sophisticated software or organizational processes (such as third-world labor) are able to overcome Google's tracking and create a significant amount of fraud. The rate of click fraud detected seems to correlate with the cost of the click bid.

Posted 9 years, 6 months ago on July 6, 2005

Re: Click Fraud Experiment
Interesting... But, we have been running a "very similar" experiment for almost a month now with some really strange results. Page KB (the killer bee page and a fairly popular one at that)is pointing to the GS (get stung page) with 000's of exact anchor text links. If you want more on the results, I'd share, but I do not want to make it public in the comments. Feel free to contact me and you will be welcome to report the test and results anonymously in your blog.
Posted 9 years, 6 months ago by jb • • • Reply
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Re: Click Fraud Experiment
It's tough to contact you since you didn't leave your email or website address, but sure, if you have info, I'd love it!
Posted 9 years, 6 months ago by Dan • @wwwReply
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