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How to Keep WordPress from Overwriting Your .htaccess Edits

Recently I was having problems with WordPress overwriting my .htaccess.  I wanted to do some URL rewriting, but WordPress kept erasing my changes.  I realized that WordPress reserves a portion of the .htaccess file for itself, and it is clearly marked as such.  As long as you don’t put your edits in that spot, they won’t be overwritten.

If only I’d read this article first, I wouldn’t have been scratching my head over this issue :) Updated

# MSN Under Heavy Construction

I have decided to switch from bBlog to WordPress. You can find the old bBlog version of here.

Please bear with me while I painfully wrench my chosen template into something half-way acceptable.

KloakIt Update

Today I released an update to KloakIt which fixes a bug which caused the login screen to hang under certain circumstances.  If you are running KloakIt 3.5, I recommend you update your control panel to include this patch.  Updating is simple.  Just log in, and click the Update button.