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Big Day Thursday at LSU Law

Thursday is the beginning of the 1L law student orientation here at LSU Law.  Already, we have been issued several reading/homework assignments for next week and I’ve begun the work.  In addition, we have a couple of cases we need to brief for the orientation.

I’ve met several students in my section (meaning we will be sharing a lot of classes) and will enjoy getting to know them.  We had a party for our section and had a bit of fun.

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

I’ve been reading Corey Doctorow’s novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. If you like science fiction (even if you don’t), this book is well worth the time. Much Whuffie to Corey for bringing us his near-future vision of the Bitchun Society.

Googlehater Alert!

I was trolling today and came up with another Google hater. You have to check out

I have a few comments about this blog:

  1. I like the drawings. Is that Larry and Sergey or Beavis and Butt-Head behind Jerry Yang?
  2. He’s still got Ron Paul ads on the site. Now that’s persistence!
  3. The disclaimer is awesome!
  4. hates Google because the SERPs are full of spam and advertisements, not because they don’t have the ranking they deserve. That actually seems novel. seems to be searching for its online identity. You can check it out and post your comments as to what direction you think the site should take.