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First Year of Law School in the Books!

My first year at LSU Law is in the history book.  My first semester GPA was 3.5, second semester was 3.756 and cumulative is 3.628.  Best grades: 2nd semester Legal Writing (4.0) and Constitutional Law I (4.0). Worst grades: Torts (3.1), Civil Procedure II (3.4) and Legal Traditions (3.4).  I was in the top 10% of my first semester class; but for the entire year, top 4%–ninth in my class of 229.

All-in-all, I had a great year.  I learned a lot of interesting stuff and worked my behind off.  Law school is to college as college is to kindergarten.  Be prepared to spend outrageous amounts of time reading, studying and writing.

Unrelated site:

I noticed another site one the domain (this blog is .org), and on it the owner discloses a letter sent from Google complaining about the use of their trademark Google for commercial purposes.

“Your registration and use of the Domain Name is clearly designed to appropriate the goodwill associated with the famous GOOGLE mark in violation of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act”

Frankly, I’m surprised I’ve never received any letters to that effect.

Of course, I use Adsense, and with the low revenues from this site, nobody could ever in good faith accuse this site of being for commercial purposes!

Big Day Thursday at LSU Law

Thursday is the beginning of the 1L law student orientation here at LSU Law.  Already, we have been issued several reading/homework assignments for next week and I’ve begun the work.  In addition, we have a couple of cases we need to brief for the orientation.

I’ve met several students in my section (meaning we will be sharing a lot of classes) and will enjoy getting to know them.  We had a party for our section and had a bit of fun.

Deposit Checks Via iPhone

I read about depositing checks (to a USAA checking account) via an iPhone app on PC World. The article says it is “coming soon,” but it is available now.

Being a USAA customer, I decided to open a checking account on their website and give it a whirl.  First, I downloaded their app to my iPhone.  Then, I took five minutes and opened the checking account, funding it from my pre-existing checking account at another bank.

A couple of minutes later, I wrote a check to myself and used USAA’s iPhone app to make a deposit.  I entered the amount of the deposit, took a picture of the front and back of the check (the endorsement has to be done a certain way), and then submitted it.  During the submission, you have to be careful not to let your iPhone time out, and don’t answer any calls, etc.  The funds were deposited immediately.

This is a great way to deposit a check if you use internet banking.  Bravo USAA!!!

Some Domain Names for Sale

I am putting some of my domain names up for sale, and will consider reasonable offers.  Some of them have websites, some don’t. (sold)

I can be contacted at volatilegx at gmail dot com.

Final Grades are In, Graduation Imminent

The Spring 2009 Semester at McNeese State University is over and my final grades are in.

Spring 2009 Grades

This Saturday I will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, with an overall GPA of 3.70 (my GPA for the three years full-time study at McNeese State University is 4.0).

All I want to say is “Thank you and praise God!”

This August will find me at Louisiana State University’s Hebert School of Law, as a miserable first year law student.

(pi^e) / (pi^(e^10)) = 0

(pi^e) / (pi^(e^10)) = 0

Is this true?  Why?

The Transparent Stimulus

So I voted for the other guy…

But so far I’ve been pretty happy with how the big O (not Oprah, the other one) has been handling things.  Other than the constant doom and gloom with every speech, the things he’s actually been doing have been pretty smart.

Aside from the fact that I hate the very idea of a stimulus and bailouts, if you are going to have one, it ought to be big enough to get the job done. His isn’t, but it’s a step in the right direction.  Another good step is his move to set up a site dedicated to transparency in how the stimulus is spent.  Check out to see this effort.

Configuring Ubuntu to Access Windows Files Upon Bootup

So I decided to install Ubuntu on a desktop at my office.  Naturally, I used Wubi to perform the installation, which was startlingly simple and easy.  Wubi allows you to install Ubuntu Linux on your Windows machine without creating a new partition or otherwise screwing up your file system.

The first thing I did after the install was come up with a bash script that allows me to access my Windows files from my Gnome desktop.  I then configured the system to execute the script while booting so I can access the Windows files without having to manually run the script every time I boot.  Here are the details:

I created a file called “winmount” in my Desktop.  Here are the contents of “winmount”:

#! /bin/bash
# script to mount the windows drive
mount -t ntfs /dev/sda3 /mnt/windrive -o "umask=022"

You will want to replace the “sda3″ part with whatever your Ubuntu system calls your Windows drive.  You can find out what your system calls it by running the GNOME Partition Manager.  You will probably have to install it first, then run it using the command in a console window:

sudo gparted

You will see a list of partitions. Look for the largest one; it’s probably your main Windows partition, and will be named something similar to “sda3″.

After you are finished creating your “winmount” file, you should set its execute permission. I think the easiest way to do it is to right click the file’s icon and click Properties, then click the Permissions tab, then put a check in the “Execute” checkbox.

Then, open a console window and execute this command to copy your file to the right location:

sudo cp /home/username/Desktop/winmount /etc/init.d/

Make sure to replace “username” with your user name.

Then, still in the console window, navigate to /etc/init.d by executing this command:

cd /etc/init.d

Finally, still in the console window, tell the system to execute the file at bootup with this command:

sudo update-rc.d winmount defaults

After completing these steps, restart your computer.  Then, navigate to /mnt/windrive .  Your Windows directories and files are available in that directory.  Note that the owner is “root”.

A couple of miscellaneous things I did was make a link to my /mnt/windrive directory on my Desktop, and delete the winmount file from my desktop.

In coming up with this tutorial, I accessed the following sources:

Note: If following this tutorial screws up your computer, it’s not my fault!

WordPress Firewall Script

Jaimie Sirovich just sent me a Facebook chat about his new WordPress Firewall script.  I just installed it, and will post my thoughts about it when I’ve had a chance to evaluate how it does.

After installing, go to the WordPress Admin panel, click on “Settings”, and then “Firewall” to manage the script.