My Biography

I started in this whole web design/marketing business back in 1996 when my then employer, Laughlin Associates, Inc. decided that I knew more about the Internet than anybody else in the company. They needed a website and I was elected to create it. I bought a book on HTML design and got started. A few weeks later we had around a hundred web pages, a JavaScript shopping cart which I wrote from scratch, and a site that looked like what you would expect in 1996 (terrible).

In 1997 I left Laughlin and started my own web design business and Nevada incorporating service. By then I was also working in JavaScript and Perl. During 1997 I developed my first prototype cloaking software, at first entitled “Bait N Switch”. I decided that the name was a little to controversial so I looked for another. “KloakIt” seemed good and the domain name was available, so I snapped up the domain and KloakIt was born.

In 1999, after two years of working for no salary, I decided I’d had enough of being poor and started paying myself. The incorporating service was doing very well and the web design was also chugging along. I was working 12 hours on slow days so it was time to hire some helpers, too. By 2000, my wife and I had our first child, and things were looking rosey.

In 2003 we picked up and moved from Carson City, Nevada to Sulphur, Louisiana. My wife is Cajun and wanted to be back home. Sulphur is a good place to raise kids and we enjoy it here, although sometimes I find the humidity annoying. I promoted my Administrative Assistant to Office Manager and began working out of my home office in Louisiana. One might think it would be difficult working 2,000 miles away from the main office, but I like it. The incorporation service is running pretty much on autopilot in the hands of my capable and honest manager, so that leaves me with plenty of time to work on my true love — coding.

(updated Aug. 30, 2011)

Above, i mentioned that my true love is coding. While that is true to some extent, I love arguing even more. That’s why I decided to “go pro” and headed off to law school. I will graduate this May, and am on track for “Order of the Coif,” meaning I should graduate in the top 10% of my class. I have a job lined up for after law school as a plaintiffs’ attorney, which means plenty of litigation — where the real arguing happens.

Dan Kramer

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