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Big Day Thursday at LSU Law

Thursday is the beginning of the 1L law student orientation here at LSU Law.  Already, we have been issued several reading/homework assignments for next week and I’ve begun the work.  In addition, we have a couple of cases we need to brief for the orientation.

I’ve met several students in my section (meaning we will be sharing a lot of classes) and will enjoy getting to know them.  We had a party for our section and had a bit of fun.

Deposit Checks Via iPhone

I read about depositing checks (to a USAA checking account) via an iPhone app on PC World. The article says it is “coming soon,” but it is available now.

Being a USAA customer, I decided to open a checking account on their website and give it a whirl.  First, I downloaded their app to my iPhone.  Then, I took five minutes and opened the checking account, funding it from my pre-existing checking account at another bank.

A couple of minutes later, I wrote a check to myself and used USAA’s iPhone app to make a deposit.  I entered the amount of the deposit, took a picture of the front and back of the check (the endorsement has to be done a certain way), and then submitted it.  During the submission, you have to be careful not to let your iPhone time out, and don’t answer any calls, etc.  The funds were deposited immediately.

This is a great way to deposit a check if you use internet banking.  Bravo USAA!!!