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LSAT Completed. Score In.

Well, I took my LSAT on October 4th and received the score the other day. I got a 157, which puts me in the 72nd percentile (means that 72% of scores are lower than mine). Not great, but good enough!

I must say that the LSAT is a very tough test. I did not spend enough time preparing for it. Here are my excuses:

  1. Hurricane Gustav.
  2. Hurricane Ike.
  3. Extremely heavy workload during two weeks previous to LSAT at school.

Don’t they sound good? They are true, but I normally don’t accept or make excuses, so ignore them.

With my grade point average (currently 3.66 for my entire college career and 4.0 for my current degree) it should be a cinch to get into my choice of schools.

Now, let’s just see if I can afford to go with the economy killing my income. Updated

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