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How to Keep WordPress from Overwriting Your .htaccess Edits

Recently I was having problems with WordPress overwriting my .htaccess.  I wanted to do some URL rewriting, but WordPress kept erasing my changes.  I realized that WordPress reserves a portion of the .htaccess file for itself, and it is clearly marked as such.  As long as you don’t put your edits in that spot, they won’t be overwritten.

If only I’d read this article first, I wouldn’t have been scratching my head over this issue :)

When Harry Met Sergey

SexySEO has a funny post illustrating how Google makes use of the movie Dumb and Dumber as a stealth marketing tool. Remember the Mutt Cutts van… that shaggy van resembling a dog? It’s only a short leap from there to visualize our hero Matt Cutts (who looks nothing like a dog).

Of course I prefer to think of Larry and Sergey resembling Beavis and Butt-Head instead of Lloyd and Harry.

By the way, is that SexySEO’s real picture? Why didn’t I ever meet her at Pubcon? (whistle) Updated


Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

I’ve been reading Corey Doctorow’s novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. If you like science fiction (even if you don’t), this book is well worth the time. Much Whuffie to Corey for bringing us his near-future vision of the Bitchun Society.

Obnoxious and Misleading Adsense Ads

I’ve been seeing some obnoxious Adsense ads here lately. Apparently, some company can guarantee a “Page 1 Ranking” for $49.95. No charge until you are on Page 1. Of course, I can guess that what is meant is that they will charge you $49.95 to set up an Adwords campaign where you bid until you have a page 1 ad.

Obnoxious Ad

However, this is not the same thing as a page 1 ranking. The word “ranking” indicates organic listings, not advertisement placement. I find this ad misleading, disgusting and obnoxious.

Luckily, no visitors to ever click on the Adsense ads, so the point is actually moot.

When Does WordPress Overwrite .htaccess?

I’ve noticed that my modified .htaccess file has been overwritten by WordPress at least twice.  This has broken the archival routine of the bBlog version of

I did install a couple of plugins to WordPress.  I wonder if when they were installed, the .htaccess was overwritten?

Googlehater Alert!

I was trolling today and came up with another Google hater. You have to check out

I have a few comments about this blog:

  1. I like the drawings. Is that Larry and Sergey or Beavis and Butt-Head behind Jerry Yang?
  2. He’s still got Ron Paul ads on the site. Now that’s persistence!
  3. The disclaimer is awesome!
  4. hates Google because the SERPs are full of spam and advertisements, not because they don’t have the ranking they deserve. That actually seems novel. seems to be searching for its online identity. You can check it out and post your comments as to what direction you think the site should take.

Semester Grades are In

I’ve been posting my grades from McNeese State University here on, so my friends can follow my academic career. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently working towards a Bachelor of Science in Finance.

Here are the latest grades:

Grades, Spring of 2008

I have two semesters left.  Here’s a link to my university web page.

Last semester, I was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, the international honor society for accredited business schools. Hopefully, if I can maintain my A-average, I will graduate magna cum laude. My cumulative grade point average is 3.61. My average since starting at McNeese in 2006 is 4.00.

Archive of IP Address Updates

For an archival list of IP address updates for previous to this date (May 22, 2008), click here.

Clamping Down on

I’m seeing a very serious bandwidth crunch on Today (so far) I’ve used over 30 gigs. So, in order to clamp down a bit, I’m restricting access to the site to those requests which contain a User-Agent header. It seems that the majority of requests for the lists come from bots with no User-Agent header. I don’t mind if people access the lists, but at least be polite about it. Tell me who you are, for Pete’s sake!

KloakIt users should not suffer any adverse effects, but just in case–especially if you are using a very old version (post v3.5)–I recommend you update to the latest version.